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    The saxophone-guitar formation of Yeahmen jazz duo has been on the musical scene since the end of 2003. Jazz, latin, funk and blues mark our main styles. We approach music from a different pint of view, using unique ideas, some sense of humor and sometimes we mix our music with elecrtronic riffs, effects as well.

    In 2007 the formation became a member more, - a female singer joined our band. We do shows in bars, art galleries, saloons, on weddding parties and on every kind of events that requires high quality live music on affordable price.

    A few pieces of our repertoire can be heard on our 'flash' website (automatically the MP3 Player section - see below) and can be downloaded at the 'Download' section as well. In the same section the pdf file informs the guest about the whole repertoire.

    We are able to do solo-nights /solo saxophone show or solo latin-guitar show/ and we can also manage to provide a bigger band if it's required, a quartett, quintett or a sextett.



Gabica Horváth
Ágoston Baltigh
Norbert Cséplő


music teacher
+36 70 36 66 136



Gabica Horváth /vocal/


August Baltigh /saxophone/

    I was born in 1979, in Sopron. I've been studying music since I was 7. At age 14 I switched clarinet to trombone then two years later I purchased my first saxophone. That was the time when I took interest in jazz imporvisation. I studied with Attila Kiss, who lead me into the world of music theory and imporvisation. From age 17 I satrted to take private lessons in Budapest; among others I studied with István Elek, saxophon player of the show band called 'Tea' /Friderikusz Show/.
    In the meantime I did shows with different bands such as 'Agar-Agar', 'Másik alakulat' , and with my own nine-piece brass band, called 'Caterva Brass'. I spent most of my summers abroad, playing shows.
    From 1998 I became the member of the band of the National Theatre of Győr, where I played the first saxophone during the next two years /in musicals like: Grease and Hello Dolly/.
    In 1999 I formed the Birds Jazz Band wich was my very first jazz quartet. The Birds had already been done a lot of shows /Bolzano, Italy for innstance/ when got an invitation to play on the well known Kempten Jazz Fest in Germany. The stages of the Festival were full of famous artist for example: McCoy Tyner, Dave Samuels /Spyro Gyra/ and many others.
    In 2002 I attended the Eisenstadt based /Austria/ Joseph Haydn Conservatory where I began to study jazz. From then on, I've been playing shows in Austira as a guest playes and in certain bands as bend member as well. /Amadors, Jazz Triola, stb./.
    In 2003, - in line with my studies at Joseph Haynd Conservatory - I started to take classes in Budapest as well, - in the Kőbányai Music Studio. IIn Budapest I studied with Csaba Tűzkő.
    It happened during that time that Yeahmen came together first as a saxophone-guitar jazz duo. Basically it started up just as a jam session, but not long after we figured that it could work well.
    I did shows all over Europe. For instance: in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam /Holland/, Brussels /Belgium/, Bolzano /Italy/, Nizza /France/, Monte Carlo /Monaco/, Mallorca /Spain/, Medias /Romania/, Moskau /Russia/. I had the opportunity in 2007 to visit and play on the 'New Worlds' New York /USA/.
    Since 2004 have beenI teaching kids in Sopron and in the surrounding towns /Ágfalva, Harka/. I have about 20 students.

Teacher whom I studied with:
    Lezsák Lajos
    Wágner Csaba
    Baán Tamás
    Kiss Attila
    Elek István
    Tűzkő Csaba
    Tony Perez
    Ewald Ivanschitz
    Thomas Faulhammer

    State Music School /Csepreg, and Sopron/
    Kőbányai Music Studio /Budapest/
    Joseph Haydn Conservatory /Austria/

    Buffett BC-20 Bb-clarinet
    Yamaha YSS-475 II Soprano Saxophone
    Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone
    Selmer Mark VII Tenor Saxophone
    Yamaha WX11 /with WT11/ electric saxophone

Norbert Cséplő/guitar/

    I was born in Keszthely, in 1979. My first instrumental experience goes back to age 13, when I first started to play on a borrowed guiter. I really did skip the usual so-called 'classical studies' and instead of that I took private lessons. It took me a few years, but finally I found jazz which became my favorite style ever since. During the high school years I was studying with Ferenc Tornócky in Budapest.
    After highs school I attended a well known music school in Budapest /Kőbányai Zenei stúdió/ where I had the opportunity to study with Gábor Szalay. /Because of the friendship that formed between us during the shool days, we are often gigging together currently as well./
    During my 'Budapest years' I formed my really first jazz trio with trumpeter Lőrincz Barabás and bassist Gábor Veisz. In the meantime I also appeared on TV shows as the guitar player of the band called Xantia. /Hungarian Elvis Rock& Roll cover band/ .
    After graduation I took another big step forward and I attended the Jazz guitar department of the Eisenstadt based Joseph Hayd Conservatory. My influesnces are Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Pat Martino and John Coltrane.
    In these days I do private lessons and also teach guitar in the Sopron based Andrássy Katinka Art Institute beside this I frequently play in different jazz formations as well.

My teachers:
    Horváth Tibor
    Tornócky Ferenc
    Szalay Gábor
    Gerald Gradwohl

    Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió /Budapest/
    Joseph Haydn Konservatorium /Ausztria/

    Fender Stratocaster /USA/
    Sigma Guitars Est1970 Jazz guitar /Japan/
    Manuel Raimundo Cutaway Series M.610 /Spain/
    Boss VF-1
    Seymour Duncan 84-50



We do classes for woodwind instruments and for guitar
Music theory and improvisation lessons - Music lessons from the TOP40’s to classical through Jazz
In Sopron and in the surrounding towns.

Our goals:

- The lessons are built up by the ability of each individual.
- We are able to teach more students at once if it’s required.
- There are no “must do” things, no obligatory music theory or music history class / classes
- The indispensable music theory is thought during the technical classes.
- We teach all the signs of the written music such as tabs, sheet music, basically all the things that is required to become a good player.
- We give the student a taste of blues, jazz, Latin, pop rock, funk, Rock&Roll besides the classical music. (For advanced players we are able to help to improve their improvisation skills as well)
- Our classes are absolutely music and students oriented.
- There is always a chance to discuss such things like the schedule, the time table.
- In case of younger students we are able to teach them at their homes, but we prefer to do our classes in our well-working sound-proof room, which is equipped with an always updated computer, music software, sheet music stands, sheet music and all the devices and technical backup that supports and make a well arranged lesson possible. /Play alongs etc…/
- We pay a lot of attention to the success of the student. It means that we try to rech the point
- Where the student becomes able to play on the chosen instrument – as soon as possible.
- We are always open to questions, even regarding instrument brands in case of purchase (if the parents don’t know what brand to go, - with for instance)
As we’ve been working in the industry foe a long time we are also able to get discounts at many places as we have good relationships with most of the music store owners around Sopron.
- You just can’t start music early enough, so there is no age limit. Young and older, you’re all welcome here.

If you or your child is open for learning music feel free to call us, or send us an email. Go to CONTACT, and send us a message.

First lesson is FREE.


August Baltigh /clarinet and saxophone teacher/

    I’ve been teaching kids since 2002. In 2005 I got the opportunity to teach children officially in a State music school, so besides private lessons I’ve been teaching in Ágfalva for four years as well.
    I teach students from the beginners to the advanced players. /From age 5 to age 50/ you never know….
    The students usually start their musical education at age five or at age six. The instrument that we recommend the most is the flute, as it is an instrument that students can realize success on, the quickest way. This instrument also makes the learning of the first music theory steps a lot easier. /Sight reading, rhythm and so on…./
    I recommend picking the clarinet or the saxophone up at between age 8 and 12. The beginners usually receive their basic music education, while the advanced players have the opportunity to improve their skills on the fields of improvisation and different styles of music. Such as rock&roll, blues, pop, rock, funky, Latin, jazz, smooth jazz, etc.../.
    During the classes I provide the off the technical support that makes learning easier. /Play alongs etc…/
    The list of the suggested mp3 files and pdf documents can be downloaded in the DOWNLOAD section.

    If you feel like giving a shot to this, - checking out my methods - feel free to contact me in the CONTACT section of the FLASH VERSION.
    And don’t forget it: First lesson is FREE!


Norbert Cséplő /guitar teacher/

    I’ve been teaching for ten years. First I started to teach kids in my hometown – in Keszthely – then when I moved to Sopron I got a position as a guitar teacher in the music school of Peter Hoffer. I had been working there for two years when I switched school and got hired by Andrássy Katinka Art Institute. I’ve been teaching here since then.
    I had about three hundred students with different ages. Ages from five to sixty. Currently i have thirty-five students.
    I’m open to teach either in Sopron or in Keszthely, so feel free to call me. I’m familiar with a lot of different styles – basically I can help you with anything. /Rock, metal, pop, blues, funky, fusion, jazz, country, classic, flamenco, latin and so many other styles/

    Suggested books /Not my complete list/:
    Jerry Bergonzi - Inside Improv. Vol 1-4 - Melodic Structures
    A Modern Method For Guitar
    Pat Martino - Linear Expressions
    Joe Pass - Guitar Style

    Terrifying technique for guitar /book + audio/
    Steve Trovato - essential rhythm guitar /book + cd/
    Rock Rhythm by Terence Elliot
    Heavy Metal Lead Guitar 1
    Heavy Metal Lead Guitar 2

    Ross Bolton - Funk Rhythm Guitar

    Robben Ford - Playing The Blues
    /Guitar Instruction/ Robben Ford - Blues For Guitar

    Mel Bay Classic Guitar
    Sveinn Eythorsson
    Progressive Solos For Classical Guitar - Book 1 & 2 - Part & Tablature


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